Easy Like Sunday Morning!

Posted: June 6, 2011 in House Hunting, Weekends
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I thought wedding planning was hard..that’s nothing compared to the house hunt! This marriage thing goes a lot farther than I Do. Today, we learned a lot  –  “follow the leader,” “compromise”, “good cop/bad cop,” and “man room vs multi-purpose room.” What a great experience! We stood in our potential first home and talked about our potential parties, our potential office and nursery and again…man room! It felt great, yet weird, doing big grown-up things.

As for the property, we’ve been stalking one community for the last 6 months so as soon as we began our house hunt we knew just where to go. We haven’t ever been inside, so today was a very surreal experience. We were both in love! Cary Park – great location, great price and all the trimmings.  Today we visited two other communities and really loved both of them, but Cary Park is definitely the front runner.
Lots of looking and number crunching and crown molding discussions to go (more on that later).

I leave you tonight a believer that AFFIRMATIONS DO COME TRUE!

  1. Love it….very inspirational 🙂

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