Posted: June 22, 2011 in Newlyweds, Travel, Weekends
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Surprise, failed me MISERABLY!

This is the 2nd time this has happened on a vacation – the 1st my honeymoon. Somewhere deep down inside I think the Social Media Gods know that I spend way too much time on my phone, so they do this on purpose. Some changes needed to be made to our Verizon phone before leaving, of course we didn’t know that or make them, so we were without our phone for awhile. We finally got a Pay As You Go phone, so we have been able to call our family and call Allyson in the event that we got lost. Angie, if you’re reading this..pick up from the strange, long number calling you!!

I’ve taken LOTS of pictures..thanks Luci! Unfortunately, I can’t post them until I get back to the States (like my London talk)?!

Just a brief recap:

Saturday – we started the adventure not able to find Allyson & Archie and no way to call them.. PERFECT! After finding them we took the train and the tube to our accommodations in London. Our hosts booked hotel rooms at the Marriott in Grosvenor’s Square for the weekend. We started our day at 9 am, we had breakfast, toured one some sights, and got caught in the WORST RAIN STORM ever.. even the locals said so! I have pics of that too. After a brief and WET cab ride back to the hotel, we changed clothes, took a brief nap and headed out for a night on the town. We headed out for great food, the casino, and fun!

Sunday, more touring (I’ll have to look at the pictures because my days all run together), WALKING, and the best fish and chips I am sure I will ever eat in my life. That was a meal to be shared with friends and I wish I could have had my McDonald’s crew by my side, lol. Archie made some DELICIOUS burgers on the grill which deserve a blog post themselves. I’ll have to insert here that the Cook’s (pun intended) have been absolutely WONDERFUL hosts. Anyone planning a trip to RDU, be prepared because me and Vincent plan to model their behavior!

Monday, Archie had to work..BOOOOOOO, but me, Allyson, and Vince headed to London to tour the Tower of London. A GREAT tour and it felt like home seeing all the Sir Walter Ralegh exhibits. Then we headed home to meet Archie, watch some tv, and go to sleep for our big day on Tuesday!

Tuesday, we woke up at the crack of dawn to fly to Amsterdam. A great experience seeing a totally new country – it felt so story book. We toured Anne Frank’s Attic and the Red Light District. A very quick, but well worth it day trip. Archie picked us up and we enjoyed a home town favorite – Domino’s! Tuesday was a movie night and pretty calm, because by today I think we were ALL tired between jet lag, work, and just ripping and running!! Allyson is working out – no need for me to join I’m sure I’ll have the calve muscle or a track star by the time I return. I’d settle for one like Mrs. Shannon Bullock though 🙂 Today was supposed to be Day 1 that Vincent and I tour London on our own, but it’s raining cats and dogs, I have a quiz to take, and Vincent is doing his normal US behavior…sleep!

Well, that’s my mid-week recap. Reality kicked in today, that I have to study, that we aren’t machines and need to sleep, that people still have to go to work and that this vacation is midway over 😦

  1. Lissa says:

    Yay! Sounds like you’re having fun (boooo to reality!)
    Can’t wait to see pics!!! And to hear more details!
    Sidenote: my mom almost (accidentally) set the Anne Frank house on fire 35ish years ago. The flash bulb on her camera got too close to some paper in a shopping bag, started smoking, And she didn’t notice. Other tourists started pointing and yelling at her in other languages, and Finally she realized the smoke was coming from her and had to run out! Crazy American lol
    Miss you!!!!

  2. Luke & Luci says:

    Yay! Glad you’re having fun, despite the technology failures. Look at you, sounding all Brit-like. 😉

  3. Shannon Bullock says:

    Heyyyyy these calves are made from scratch just like McDonalds biscuits lmao!!

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