Pre-Baby Bucket List

Posted: July 6, 2011 in bucket list, Hair, House Hunting, Inspiration, Newlyweds, Positive Thinking, The Secret, Travel, Weekends

I’ve been back and forth with making a To-Do list before 30. Seeing as how I only have 2 months to go, I’ll just give myself a pat on the back for the progress made thus far.

In the words of Celie “I’m poor, black, I might even be ugly, but dear God, I’m here.” So job well done!

I will however make a list for the next chapter in life. Prior to our trip to London, I had the baby bug…BAD. However, during our stay there, I had lots of time to reflect on life and most! I tend to want to rush things, keep up with the Jones’, and want what I want when I want it (that was fun to type).
I’m learning and I’m growing and I’m grateful!

I’m sure my responses of “You made your choice, I’ll make mine” or “To answer your question, I’ll have one when I’m good and ready” offend people. Be warned, that’s NOT my intention. I’m a firm believer in fate, destiny, GOD, and the Tooth Fairy, so I know that none of this is in my control. However, a girl can dream, right? Going forward, I can now answer the question with.. “good question, check out this link!”

Here’s my “pre-baby bucket list:”


  • Master the art of to-do lists
  • Stop multitasking (as we speak I am blogging, drinking coffee, listening to Real Housewives, working, and IM’ing)
  • Consistently work out 3 times a week
  • Buy myself one major ticket item without thinking twice about the price tag
  • Successfully keep one house plant alive
  • Learn to sew

Personal Enrichment

  • Complete my master’s program (Spring 2013)
  • Get Mr. Q enrolled in an advanced degree/certification program
  • Launch (this dream will never die)
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Find jobs that we don’t grouch about waking up to


  • Go on a hot air balloon ride
  • Go back to Europe
  • Visit New York City together
  • Throw a major house party!!
  • Expand our group of “couple friends”
  • Take a girls trip with my mom
  • Take a set amount of money and hit the Roulette tables in Las Vegas.
  • Attend an NBA, NFL, & MLB game


  • Master couponing (nothing extreme, just the basics)
  • Figure out how to stick to our grocery/eating out budget
  • Purchase a family car (Mr. Q has declared this to be a Jeep)
  • Have a 6-month emergency fund
  • Pay off current car (13 months to go)
  • Buy a house
  • Pay off our credit card debt (half way there!)

I haven’t had too many bad experiences with baby bullies, so I can’t really point this blog at anyone directly. For the most part, my friends are pretty supportive of my plans, so a big kudos to you all!

PHEW!!! That was fun and tiring! I should probably get back to work, so I can accomplish some of these goals. I will continue to update this list as life progresses! What would be on your bucket list?

*this post was inspired by The Newlyweds Next Door

  1. Lissa says:

    Great list!

    As someone who waited until we were married almost exactly 3 years until we were ready to have a baby, I completely understand. Marriage is not only a lot of work in itself, but we had tons of FUN times in those 3 years and I’m so grateful we waited until we were both truly ready!

    Having a child, though, is so unbelievably amazing. I’m sappy and cliche these days, but it’s seriously the most incredible feeling… so miraculous and wonderful and unlike any feeling I’ve ever felt before. So I look at it like those people (I guess I need to include myself in this since I have asked “when’s the baby?”) are not trying to rush you out of those fun newlywed years — they just want you to experience this awesome, inspiring, amazingness (I realize this isn’t a word, but it’s all I can come up with lol), too!

    You two (and God) are the ONLY ones who will know when you’re ready. And when you know, you’ll know.

    I still cannot wait for Scout to have a baby Q to play with!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’ll settle for being included in a couple of those list items in the meantime (house party, NFL game, and/or European vaca, please lol)


  2. […] made progress on the following Pre-Baby Bucket List […]

  3. The Sleep Deprived New Mom says:

    Ironically, this post was written on my son’s birth day. Count up the days and you’ll realize I’ve only been a mother for a little over two weeks…so forgive me if my sleep deprivation causes me to be a bit cynical 🙂

    I would add a few things to your “pre-baby bucket list.” It didn’t have a timeframe attached to it, but when I see things like “learn a foreign language” and “learn to sew,” I assume you have some time on your hands, so that’s good!

    The first thing I would add is a “relationship” category. Date your husband. Go on long walks. Get in the car and take a drive, no destination, just go because you can. Make love and enjoy being in love.

    I was fortunate enough to have married my best friend. But post-baby, it’s like someone is impeding on our friendship. We feel like teenagers creeping into bed without letting the covers make too much noise to wake our new roommate who’s sleeping in his bassinet next to our bed. Enjoy your husband. Travel, eat breakfast in bed, create a hobby you can do together, just coexist…enjoy him!

    The next thing I would add to your list is sleep, sleep, and sleep. I know you can’t “stock-up” on sleep (although that would be fantastic) but sleep so much and so soundly, that you at least “remember” it once you have to sleep in two-to-three hour increments!

    Babies are GREAT! There’s no denying that…but most people don’t tell you about how MUCH WORK THEY ARE! Anyway, it’s 5:40 pm, my baby is asleep, so this once cool, social butterfly, who used to meet up with friends for brunch on Saturday mornings and hang out at cool lounge spots on Saturday nights, is now turning in for a few zz’s before the next feeding!

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