Better than nothing…

Posted: August 15, 2011 in DIY, Weekends

Friday, I posted our top projects and ironically the one thing we worked on was not on the list.
But hey.. it’s better than nothing!

The Culprit:
This problem is two-fold.
#1 – We decided we aren’t going to wear shoes in the house, so there’s this shoe graveyard by the door.
#2 – I hate, hate, hate having to ask people to remove their shoes.

The Solution:
I found this beauty on Pinterest and using it as my inspiration.

So… here goes nothing!
My wonderful assistant and terrible hindrance Koda inspected all of the necessary parts.

Vince wasn’t home yet and I wanted to surprise him, so I worked diligently to get this assembled.
I was able to assemble in an hour! The wordless IKEA instructions were kind of fun.


A few things:
1 – I’m not finished. One part of this is in Charlotte..thanks Ash! The other part is waiting to be shipped from Etsy.
2 – I need to return the baskets and get larger ones. I want them to fill the entire hole.
3 – I originally wanted guests to be able to sit on this and remove their shoes; hence the pillow. However, it’s way too tall, so I’m thinking I can line it with candles or more “welcome friends” type things.
4 – I still don’t have batteries for my camera – pure laziness and forgetfulness to blame. Again, these pics were taken from the BB.
5 – I’m ELATED to have completed my first CIY (create it yourself) – thanks for the term Lissa!

  1. Angie says:

    Me likey! Me likey! I think that is the ideal solution for the shoe graveyard! I’m sure Vince was very impressed by your creativity!

  2. Shannon Bullock says:

    Looks awesome!!!

  3. tuleesha says:

    Great job so far!

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