More from the shoe graveyard

Posted: August 23, 2011 in DIY, Weekends

Life has been ….BUSY to say the least. Last week meant back to the books for me and I’m revamping Discoveringhair, so my free time is pretty much non-existent.

As for the house, we finally have all of the major furniture pieces, internet, and satellite *pause* Yes, you read that right – as of yesterday we have ALL major furniture pieces, internet AND Satellite.

I did find the time to make the changes I wanted to the shoe graveyard.
Take a look at the phase 2 pics. I decided to go with the words “Kick off your Shoes”, because it’s more welcoming and suits our personality. To me, kick off your shoes sounds like fun is awaiting and shoes would just be in the way!

I purchased the sign on Etsy. The seller takes custom orders as well.

I’m SO happy with this piece so far. I still think we need a bench somewhere to sit and actually take off your shoes and I spent more on the Phase 2 revisions (pillows & baskets) that I originally planned, but I still stayed within budget.

Coming up – Football Fantasy Draft Party, Angie’s visit, Cary’s Lazy Days Festival aaaaaannd by 30th Bday BBQ BLOWOUT!

  1. Angie says:

    Loving the lil sign! That is too cute. Etsy has become a go-to spot for me…thanks to you! Although watch out for ‘fakers’ on there. Some lady jacked me on an invitation request. :(. I also like the colors of the pillows. What is your color scheme at the house?

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