Depressions, Confessions, and a Wedding!

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Family, Weddings, Weekends

This post must start with a huge CONGRATS to Mr. & Mrs. Samuel & Angela Hughes!

*yell at Pam for this picture..she revealed on Facebook, not me*

Be sure to check out my new nephew grinning from ear to ear…ironically named Trey and the exact same age as my other Trey!

Quick shout-out to Mr Trey Brown!

Back to the Hughes – the blending of families, the venue, the view, the food, the Skins fight song, the welcome bags, the open bar and the VOWS..Beautiful.

*Skins fight song story: Angie the true Skins fan, just so happened to have her wedding on a BYE week. Did that stop us? NO. You got it! We sang the Skins fight song right there in the midst of the reception

You two are the best reminder that true love is worth waiting for!

I have hereby inherited the crown of last Quarles woman standing. YIKES..wait..whoa!
The Quarles women that came before me!

Big Ma & Aunt Pat. I pray I age this gracefully!

Obsessed with Aunt Pat rocking the natural grey, sassy cut! And uhh…Strong genes much?!

Beautiful Song from my Mother-In-Law

The beautiful bride and proud papa!

The First Dance! Check out Kamisha in the back. She did a GREAT job!!!

Double-Fisted..see why I love this guy?!

Surprise, Surprise after these drinks were delivered, the pics ended….I think – yea it was that kinda fun!

Confession 1: We have a new affirmation on the fridge. I can’t quite tell you what it is yet, but stay tuned!
Confession 2: I have NOTHING left to plan or host.
Depression: See Confession 2


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