This Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Posted: November 21, 2011 in DIY, Newlyweds

One of the words you’re probably thinking is blurry – I’ll accept that. This is a picture from our one year anniversary dinner at Angus Barn (Raleigh, NC). *helpful to include location in case one of us goes cray cray* It would suffice to describe the past year as a complete and total blur. Not a what in the heck happened type blur, but more like the blurred memory you feel when you get off of a roller coaster. It went way too fast, you can’t remember all the details, but gosh it was fun! This year had its fair share of laugh and scream at the top of your lungs highs and get me off of this thing lows. There were countless times we held each other tight and yelled “I hope this ride never ends” and a couple of  “UGH.. I want to vomit” moments. All in all, this year was a blurry, roller coaster ride that I’m ready to ride again and again!

The Pinterest inspiration

Picture background: The initial goal was to find an anniversary picture worthy of repeating each year. Yours Truly spent more time trying to find the perfect Pinterest-worthy anniversary picture than planning the actual anniversary. It had to be Twitter and Facebook quality right?! #priorities #fail As you should have been able to identify by now, our picture is far from perfect. This couple got progressively cooler through the years, so I have faith. After getting wtf stares from people in the restaurant because we were taking a picture of a picture, and harassing the waitress to snap the picture 4 times with 1 success…this is the best we got ladies and gents. My camera on my phone sucks, Vincent’s Droid was the blurry bandit, my memory card magically disappeared from my digital camera, and Vince left his trusty iPhone (that takes fantastic pictures) at home, so I thought about staging a do-over, but that’d be a phony. Instead, we’ll keep this picture as a true memory of our first year together.

OK, enough kissy face, take a look at my Interestingly Cute Things Pinterest Board.


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