A Little DIY Depression

Posted: December 7, 2011 in DIY

Picture it.. I purchased this in August.


I got around to putting it up tonight..FINALLY! I wanted it for the kitchen, so I could write all kinds of cute notes, reminders, and dates! My little helper takes forever to get around to doing stuff – it’s Football season. I got gutsy enough to pull out the lever and DIY.

I had to order a custom size to fit in the designated space. Kudos to me for measuring it properly.

Here’s the end result:


  • It looks and feels 100% as promised. The calendar looks completely seamless on the wall.
  • It was really easy to apply
  • I really like it and I hope I can overcome some of its short-comings..pun intended
  • I got 2 more of these – (1) a really large chalkboard calendar to go over my school desk in the guest room. (2) a “be our guest” decal for the guest bedroom. I’m excited to apply these two in the upcoming weeks!


  • It’s too dang small! I could barely give Santa a shout-out
    • I don’t blame Pinterest or DaliDecal here. Both came through as promised. When measuring, I figured if it was the same size as our regular calendar it’d be fine. I soon discovered it’s all good when you’re writing with a ballpoint pen, but a chunk of chalk can be a beast.
So yea.. I’m sitting here in a bit of a funk! V has officially declared I’ll be the official calendar writer (such the hater)!
I’m gonna leave it up for now and try to sharpen or find some sharpened chalk, which is pretty farfetched.
Any ideas or links or how to write with chalk on a miniature chalkboard???
Moms, Dali Decal has some cute decals for nursery and kid’s rooms too!
  1. Shannon Bullock says:

    very cute!

  2. Lissa says:

    I love it! And I have the answer to your need of combining ball-point fine tip pen with chalk! Chalk markers! http://www.chalkinkworldstore.com/category_s/45.htm

    You’re welcome 😉

    P.S. I need to see your house in person!!!!

  3. Angela Hughes says:

    I think it looks cute! As for ideas, you can put up little stickers or mini decals to represent something instead of having to write it all out. For example, for Christmas, you can put up a sticker or decal of Santa. For someone’s bday, a decal of a cake. For someone’s wedding, a decal of a wedding bouquet. That could use the space and keep it unique. As for the the things you want to actually write down, they have mini sharpies at Michaels.

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