10 Principles and 1 Practice That Can Change Your Life

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Inspiration, Positive Thinking

As we embark on the New Year, I thought I’d send out a little motivation.

I’m ready, I’m focused, and it’s happening! Thanks to you for being a sounding board and a support system.

The Change Blog posted a pretty cool article called 10 Principles and 1 Practice That Can Change Your Life.

The 10 Principles

  1. I will be loving towards all whom I meet.
  2. I will forgive all who attempt to harm me.
  3. I become what I think; therefore, I will think only thoughts of greatness.
  4. I will look for ways to strengthen those who have less than I.
  5. I will always seek knowledge and truth.
  6. I will always be honest.
  7. I will never waste what I am given.
  8. I will be grateful for all that I have.
  9. I will develop a spirit of optimism.
  10. I will have faith in something greater than myself.
Thus far, I’m doing pretty well, but struggle a little with #1. I’m cordial, but not always “loving.” In fact, I tend to judge. (it’s my blog, I have the right to be honest). #2 – I try really hard to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I think I’m a very-kind hearted person.  Should you find yourself hurting me, you’re not deserving to be in my life. However, I will commit to working on this. #7 is my major downfall. I’m very wasteful with time, money, and skills. Eliminating this is the purpose of this blog post. It will take some work, but it can be done.
I really like these 10 principles, because overall it simply guides you to be a good person.
Now that you have the 10 principles, here is the 1 practice you will need to act on these principles – the EASIER Method of Goal Achievement.

The EASIER Method of Goal Achievement

Once you’ve set a proper goal (and if you’d like to learn how to set a proper goal just Google “SMART goals”) all you have to do to achieve it is the following:

  • Envision – spend time each and every day envisioning your life as it will look after you have achieved your goal.
  • Assess – create an honest assessment of where you stand at this moment in regards to your goal.
  • Strategize – create a strategy that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Implement your strategy.
  • Evaluate your progress (or lack thereof) regularly. Tweak your assessment and strategy as necessary.
  • Report your progress to someone you love or trust.
I have included a link at the bottom for the full article, so you can read for yourself. I plan to follow the strategy of the blog and focus on one goal at a time. My first goal is accountability.
My commitment: I will spend at least 45 minutes each day – 15 minutes morning, noon, and night – envisioning how it would feel to complete my to do list each day. I start each day failing miserably and setting myself up for disappointment. For example, “i’m gonna go to bed early tonight and get up without hitting snooze.” That NEVER happens and it forces me to start my day feeling like a loser for the day and I’m forced to find  a “pick-me-up.” Doing an immediate assessment of myself… I’m wasting valuable time. It’s an endless cycle of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – cliche’ yet true. My strategy is plain and simple – alleviate excuses from my vocabulary. My strategy will be implemented  immediately. I’m not waiting on Monday and I’m not waiting on January 1st. My evaluation will be made through my accomplishments. Finally, they ask that you report your progress to someone you love or trust – I’m doing so through this blog.
Here’s a link to the full article from The Change Blog
Coming Soon: Holiday House Pics, DIY, and a little home improvement!

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