Posted: January 2, 2012 in Inspiration

A quick pic and a really cool idea I wanted to share with my favs!

Someone tweeted that they were going to write a letter to themselves on where they want to be in 2013 and seal it until New Years.
Yep. DOING IT!!!

I will be popping a bottle of bubbly – either drinking to my accomplishments or sipping away the pain. Gonna see if I can get the man to do one as well. I shall do my best to not look back at this post until next year.

Here’s my abbreviated version, the letter is probably too intimate for the blog. Sorry peeps!

  • Financially
    • I won’t lie to myself and pretend to do a budget. However, I will allocate {and stick to allocating} a set amount for savings. Savings should be a do not touch area, so in addition to savings, I’m gonna keep buffer money in checking.
  • Spiritually
    • In my quest towards being even more amazing, I need to have a major potty mouth reduction this year. Drink Lots, Lots, Lots less and Sunday mornings will be for church. WWJD.
  • Personally
    • For a person that values family and friends so much, I need to do a better job at calling and visiting. There are lots of old folks and babies that need to feel my presence. I’m not gonna stop judging people, because judging is fun. Don’t judge me. However, I’m gonna work on being less judgmental. If you require a further explanation, let me know. 🙂
  • On the Health Tip
    • By 2013, I will become an early to bed, early to riser. I’m not setting a size or weight for myself, but I want to look and feel good when I look in the mirror. Point blank.
  • Corporate America
    • I take my job for granted… a major no-no. That’s gonna change. But more importantly, Discoveringhair will become my job. The faster I get my act together, the faster I can say bye bye to the boss and hello to working in pjs while watching the Kardashians!
    • Finally starting my concentration classes (Entrepreneurship)- the bread and butter. The above bullet will never be complete if I do not give 200% in school. Time to set a study schedule. That desk I demanded we keep so I can study wasn’t touched once in 2011. Let’s not have a repeat year.
  • Wifery
    • I think I do pretty good in this area. However, I need to loosen up a bit. I tend to nag a bit in the area of timeliness, etc, etc, etc
  • Mentally
    • Gonna take this S off my chest and let the big guy upstairs do his job! This is definitely gonna be a me year. 2012 is all about SELF (it somewhat rhymes if you say it kinda hood). Additionally, by 2013, I’d like to have a more enhanced network and be more willing to step out of my comfort zone.

PHEW!! I don’t like to think of these as resolutions. More like life changes that just so happened to take place on the 1st day of the year. I did make one resolution however and it’s quite simple – GROW UP. Time to put on my big girl panties and do some grown woman things.

Insert EDQ face here


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