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Posted: May 23, 2012 in Family, Flowers, Weekends

When I created this blog, I truly thought I would be updating more often because our lives are soooooooo busy and interesting. INCORRECT

Welp, this is what I’ve got. Warning: this post will mainly be for my entertainment …a literal brain dump.

      • Finished the semester with an A and a B+. No class until June 28th and I am loving every minute of it.
      • The never-ending shoulder: Vince injured his shoulder playing flag football and has been pretty much out of commission since. Thus, no home repairs have been completed 😦
      • Flowers: I’ve finally become the daughter my mom always wanted. I developed a green thumb and I’m pretty much obsessed

    • Vacation: AWESOME and relaxing Birthday getaway for Vince to Miami

    • Parental units: Ironically, we both scheduled parent days on the same day. Vince, Mr. Q, and Angie went to an Orioles game and me and madre headed to a Wine and Design clas

  • Workout: I bit the bullet and signed a gym contract. Kinda, sorta locked into this baby for 12 months, so hopefully a healthy, happy body will result out of this. I’m struggling to tackle the eating side of things, but hey it’s progress!
  • Finances: wowza! We have been beaten over the head from every angle financially. Tighter budgets are ahead
  • DiscoveringHair: put on hold. See above bullet 😦

That should about do it.

  1. Angela Hughes says:

    Loving the updates! Your flowers look fabulous. Even if the home repairs don’t get done, at least the exterior of the house will rock! Good times were had at all the events above. Sam wants me to start blogging too. Reading yours definitely gets me motivated. 🙂 As for the blog updates, since the title is Quarles Quarterly, you’re really off the hook. You can update every quarter and still be good. 🙂

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