Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Sunday?

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Family, Inspiration

I typed this post pre Father’s Day and never published, but tonight…I feel compelled.

They married somewhere around 1972  ish

They had my brother in ’76, spoiled him rotten (still do) and settled into married life.

Somewhere 5 years down the road, a mistake happened name Eva Danielle Brown (they have no issues telling me how much of a mistake I was :/ )

From what I was told, this dude was insanely overjoyed about my birth and from what I can remember, he adored me – his “tookie bug” (don’t ask me what animal this is), and from what I know, I was the definition of daddy’s girl. My dad wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me (insert R&B lyric here). He’s the reason I savor late night snacks, the reason I always drive far above the speed limit, the reason I love music and dance the night away, the reason I think Ginger Ale and Salt N Vinegar chips can cure all illnesses, the reason I keep a bottle of A1 Steak sauce at all times, the reason I live, love, laugh and the reason I know that you should live each day to the fullest.

One of his coined phrases was “give me my flowers today, ain’t nobody fooling with you tomorrow”. I didn’t feel like I gave him him flowers on Father’s Day; thus the reason for this post. Happy Father’s Day Groovy!

***small sidebars

*1 – I now have this awesome cat to call my Father-In-Law. Happy Father’s Day Papa Q!!!!

I could have been graced with an absentee Father-in-Law, but no….I got one that loves, values, and fully supports me.

*2 – This pic was taken the Memorial Day before my dad passed away

Two long years prior to Vince proposing (or probably even thinking about proposing), my dad asked him, “ya’ll gone get married” and Vince said yes. My dad replied in some modified version of ” hey man, marriage is tough. but you’re a good man. she’s a good girl. You treat her right. Ya’ll make it work.” That was the last conversation they had, but I knew with certainty that my dad approved and pretty much left me a blueprint of himself!

**3  – He left me these two goobers to keep me company

*4 – He’s ALWAYS with me

Happy Heavenly Father’s Day Dad!!

  1. Angela Hughes says:

    Awesome post, sis! Loved every bit of it. Next time, add this to the title “don’t open this at work because the content will make you cry!” Please excuse me as I walk to the bathroom and fix my face. 🙂

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