#LoveYourSelfie ….

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Inspiration, Positive Thinking

Once you get past the fact that the title of my post is a hashtag, I encourage you to keep reading. 


Today’s post is inspired by the TODAY Show’s #loveyourselfie campaign. I had a few extra minutes on the couch this morning and caught a few segments of the show. What struck me most was that the women were asked how do images of celebrities make you feel. So often we look at these celebs and want their bodies or their hair. I’m guilty of it too. Newsflash, they were given theirs and you were given yours. Celebrate it just like they do! Strive for greatness, but don’t allow someone else to make you feel inferior. Ever. 

The TODAY Show concept is to explore your body image observations. My concept is to celebrate and accept yourself. In the 45 minutes I spent getting dressed, I stressed (and obsessed) over my hair, makeup, 7 year old shirt, car needing a paint job and dead flowers in the yard. Yep, these were my concerns. After watching this segment, I went back to the mirror and smiled at the lack of makeup I needed, the creativity I had with my hair, the fact that I can still wear a shirt from 7 years ago and let the dead flowers signify a change in season!  

Related to this blog, part of the excuse I post so rarely is that I fear noone thinks it’s interesting. To that I say … who cares! 

Love your self! Don’t be apologetic! You were magnificently created this way! 

  1. Lissa Smith says:

    I don’t watch the Today Show (#GMA, baby), but I was inspired reading and hearing about this series, too.

    I’m doing this “Everyday Grateful” course (within the “Happier” iphone app) and was JUST trying to decide on a new “gratitude ritual” (today’s assignment). Every night I already make a conscious effort go through the list of my family and friends and try to take a moment to really soak in the gratitude I feel for them, but you – and this post – just made me realize that my NEW gratitude ritual will be to be grateful for my own self… to look in the mirror every morning and tell myself a few things I am grateful for about ME.

    Yesterday’s segment also inspired me to find some better make-up, because I’m about to be 34 and still have the same makeup routine I did half my life ago back in high school. …To make me feel better — and — I think it would be fun (to be a real life grown-up). #sephorahereIcome

    I love when you post. So, thanks.

  2. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning… thank you! You are always an inspiration to others.

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