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I Shall Call Her – D.I.WHY: Take 3

Posted: August 29, 2012 in DIY

It seems like everytime I’m on a break from school, I start a new lengthy project. So, why should this time be any different?

The inspiration:

I’ve been wanting to make a photo wall and i’ve been wanting to decorate the entry way, so I figured I’d do a mesh of both.

This is REALLY, REALLY easy folks!

The abbreviated start to finish:

Rinse, repeat . If anyone wants full directions, let me know and I will post.

Here’s where the WHY comes in and I need a little help. I got all high off Pinterest and added to the collection. Now I can’t figure out how to actually arrange these babies on the wall. Vince says “they both look fine”…NOT the answer a girl wants to here.

So, what do you think?  Horizontal or vertical? Keep in mind, I’ll probably be adding to this through the years.  I also have to decide on the pics to go here. The plan is for this to be a family photo wall and not a montage of me and Vince. That’s what the fireplace is for. hehe


I’ll be making another round of these for bridesmaids gifts. Stay tuned!


Quarles Christmas!!

Posted: December 25, 2011 in DIY, Family, holidays

Merry Christmas Eve friends!!!

I used to LOVE Christmas – the kid that woke you up at the crack of dawn, the older kid that played Santa to all, and the even older kid that still believed there was a Santa. Then life started happening. That was several years ago.

Here I was. December 1, 2011 – the grinch. December 10, 2011 – a zombie. December 23, 2011, I went from the grinch to a Griswold. Dealing with the holidays is always a tough battle for me. So many memories of my dad and family. However, I decided this year to celebrate my father and on the 10th of each December, we plan to deck the halls and officially get into the Christmas spirit! I got my whole family onboard… so exciting!!

Welp…the man opened one of his gifts early – Sony PS3 headphones. He’s in another world, totally ignoring me and the reason for the season simultaneously. He’s happy and me and Koda are having a good ol time watching Ray, playing with wrapping paper, and blogging! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas home decor. Major shout-out to Pinterest this year for getting me into and through the holidays!

*we got our Charlie Brown tree from Lowe’s trying to be rebellious of “tree lots.” We learned a lesson.

Nope it’s not Thanksgiving; nor is it New Years, but this year I want to give thanks for my friends and my family. To each and every single one of you – thank you for being you!

“I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month”.  ~Harlan Miller

A Little DIY Depression

Posted: December 7, 2011 in DIY

Picture it.. I purchased this in August.


I got around to putting it up tonight..FINALLY! I wanted it for the kitchen, so I could write all kinds of cute notes, reminders, and dates! My little helper takes forever to get around to doing stuff – it’s Football season. I got gutsy enough to pull out the lever and DIY.

I had to order a custom size to fit in the designated space. Kudos to me for measuring it properly.

Here’s the end result:


  • It looks and feels 100% as promised. The calendar looks completely seamless on the wall.
  • It was really easy to apply
  • I really like it and I hope I can overcome some of its short-comings..pun intended
  • I got 2 more of these – (1) a really large chalkboard calendar to go over my school desk in the guest room. (2) a “be our guest” decal for the guest bedroom. I’m excited to apply these two in the upcoming weeks!


  • It’s too dang small! I could barely give Santa a shout-out
    • I don’t blame Pinterest or DaliDecal here. Both came through as promised. When measuring, I figured if it was the same size as our regular calendar it’d be fine. I soon discovered it’s all good when you’re writing with a ballpoint pen, but a chunk of chalk can be a beast.
So yea.. I’m sitting here in a bit of a funk! V has officially declared I’ll be the official calendar writer (such the hater)!
I’m gonna leave it up for now and try to sharpen or find some sharpened chalk, which is pretty farfetched.
Any ideas or links or how to write with chalk on a miniature chalkboard???
Moms, Dali Decal has some cute decals for nursery and kid’s rooms too!

This Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Posted: November 21, 2011 in DIY, Newlyweds

One of the words you’re probably thinking is blurry – I’ll accept that. This is a picture from our one year anniversary dinner at Angus Barn (Raleigh, NC). *helpful to include location in case one of us goes cray cray* It would suffice to describe the past year as a complete and total blur. Not a what in the heck happened type blur, but more like the blurred memory you feel when you get off of a roller coaster. It went way too fast, you can’t remember all the details, but gosh it was fun! This year had its fair share of laugh and scream at the top of your lungs highs and get me off of this thing lows. There were countless times we held each other tight and yelled “I hope this ride never ends” and a couple of  “UGH.. I want to vomit” moments. All in all, this year was a blurry, roller coaster ride that I’m ready to ride again and again!

The Pinterest inspiration

Picture background: The initial goal was to find an anniversary picture worthy of repeating each year. Yours Truly spent more time trying to find the perfect Pinterest-worthy anniversary picture than planning the actual anniversary. It had to be Twitter and Facebook quality right?! #priorities #fail As you should have been able to identify by now, our picture is far from perfect. This couple got progressively cooler through the years, so I have faith. After getting wtf stares from people in the restaurant because we were taking a picture of a picture, and harassing the waitress to snap the picture 4 times with 1 success…this is the best we got ladies and gents. My camera on my phone sucks, Vincent’s Droid was the blurry bandit, my memory card magically disappeared from my digital camera, and Vince left his trusty iPhone (that takes fantastic pictures) at home, so I thought about staging a do-over, but that’d be a phony. Instead, we’ll keep this picture as a true memory of our first year together.

OK, enough kissy face, take a look at my Interestingly Cute Things Pinterest Board.

Today marks  exactly one quarter since I last posted my ‘Pre-Baby Bucket List.” Don’t get excited.. still no babies on the way, but for those of you on the edge of your seat….. I wanted to let you know I’m working on it.

However, my current baby feeling is …

Here’s a quick update!


  • Master the art of to-do lists:  I have one on my desk as we speak.  2 out of 9 complete
  • Stop multitasking (as we speak I am blogging, drinking coffee, listening to Real Housewives, working, and IM’ing) – currently: IM, work, listening to ANTM, blogging #fail
  • Consistently work out 3 times a week: YES a win!
  • Buy myself one major ticket item without thinking twice about the price tag: gonna give myself a win here. Instead I took this money and gave it to a person in need, so a win for me! Still gonna do this one day though!
  • Successfully keep one house plant alive: HA haven’t even purchased it yet
  • Learn to sew: does hemming pants count?

Personal Enrichment

  • Complete my master’s program (Spring 2013) – working on a master plan to finish up in December 2012!!
  • Get Mr. Q enrolled in an advanced degree/certification program – no dice
  • Launch (this dream will never die) – check out the coming soon page!!
  • Learn a foreign language – not even close
  • Find jobs that we don’t grouch about waking up to – half way there. Vince got a new gig!


  • Go on a hot air balloon ride – 😦
  • Go back to Europe – 😦
  • Visit New York City together – 😦
  • Throw a major house party!! – Complete and WHAT A SUCCESS!!!
  • Expand our group of “couple friends” – 😦
  • Take a girls trip with my mom – 😦
  • Take a set amount of money and hit the Roulette tables in Las Vegas. – 😦
  • Attend an NBA, NFL, & MLB game – trying to organize a Skins game for the end of the month #progress


  • Master couponing (nothing extreme, just the basics) – I barely even open the paper these days!
  • Figure out how to stick to our grocery/eating out budget – TERRIBLE’s gotten progressively worse!
  • Purchase a family car (Mr. Q has declared this to be a Jeep)
  • Have a 6-month emergency fund
  • Pay off current car (13 months to go) – 10 months to go!
  • Buy a house
  • Pay off our credit card debt (half way there!)

Orange – WIP
Red – haven’t touched

I had no idea how much progress we made prior to this blog post.

Funny that travel and money have the least amount of  progress.

Coming up… one year anniversary, midterms, Angie’s wedding, and more DIY! *woot woot*


Posted: August 29, 2011 in DIY, Inspiration, Weekends

This weekend was as D.I.O (do-it-ourselves) kinda weekend. My wonderful sister-in-law, Angie, was here and she gets a gold star for enduring all of my Pinterest showings, impulsive trips to Jo-Ann’s, indecisiveness, and lost (then found) receipts.

More on the weekend in another post, I want to dedicate this one to our most impressive DIO – my fabric wall art.

It all started with this Pinterest vision

Then began with a trip to JoAnn’s. This ended up being way more simple than I could have ever imagined.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The supplies included:

  • a hot glue gun – $2.99
  • glue sticks – $2.99
  • 3 foam boards – $14.99/each
  • 3 – 1.5 yards of fabric – ~8.00/yard, 4.99/yard, 2.50/yard (you don’t really need 1.5 yards of fabric, as you’ll see I was able to make two boards with 1.5 yards)
  • Grand total with tax ~$75.00

As I read that total, it seems a bit high, but considering the glue gun and glue sticks are reusable, I guess it’s not so bad. A funny fabric story – I was deadset on copying the Pinterest pic, so I started describing to Angie, I need something bold in color with a big flower pattern. She goes “like this” and hands me my dream fabric!! That is the  8.00/yard fabric, which was was really 19.99. Thankfully they had an in-store coupon. Although, it was probably was way too much to spend on fabric, once Angie found it, I wasn’t leaving it in the store. *gimme gimme*

Round One – HATED IT! That blue and white fabric looked like grandma’s bed sheets! No symmetry here at all.

Round Two – We have to make this work! I was determined to have it finished that day. Eh, close, but no cigar.

Round Three – could it be?! This fabric was so nice, it deserved to be used twice!

The finished product! I couldn’t be happier (except when they are actually on the wall) !!

I plan to use “grandma’s bed sheet” and make some pillow cases out of it or maybe laundry bags.

hmmmm – I’ll check Pinterest!
It won’t be discarded, that’s for sure!


  • Buy supplies
  • Cut the fabric to cover the foam boards. Be sure to leave enough to cover your edges, so you have a smooth view from all angles
  • Glue that bad baby down
  • VIOLA!

Yes, I’m going to leave my steps that simple, because it’s just that easy. If you’ve ever covered a book for school..this will be a cinch!

I found one seller on Etsy that sells a set of 3 for $66.00+$27.50 for shipping to the US. Am I bummed? NO! I truly cherish the labor and personalization that went into my wall art!

Crate and Barrel has one for $120 -Holy Homemaking Batman!

More from the shoe graveyard

Posted: August 23, 2011 in DIY, Weekends

Life has been ….BUSY to say the least. Last week meant back to the books for me and I’m revamping Discoveringhair, so my free time is pretty much non-existent.

As for the house, we finally have all of the major furniture pieces, internet, and satellite *pause* Yes, you read that right – as of yesterday we have ALL major furniture pieces, internet AND Satellite.

I did find the time to make the changes I wanted to the shoe graveyard.
Take a look at the phase 2 pics. I decided to go with the words “Kick off your Shoes”, because it’s more welcoming and suits our personality. To me, kick off your shoes sounds like fun is awaiting and shoes would just be in the way!

I purchased the sign on Etsy. The seller takes custom orders as well.

I’m SO happy with this piece so far. I still think we need a bench somewhere to sit and actually take off your shoes and I spent more on the Phase 2 revisions (pillows & baskets) that I originally planned, but I still stayed within budget.

Coming up – Football Fantasy Draft Party, Angie’s visit, Cary’s Lazy Days Festival aaaaaannd by 30th Bday BBQ BLOWOUT!