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When You Make Plans….God Laughs

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Family

Here’s our pre-baby bucket list I posted in July 11. We accomplished 8/24 goals in 3.5 years. I’d like to say #fail, but the 8 we mastered, were a great 8 and we’ve still got 6 months to knock some things off the list. Why 6 months? Because Baby Boy Quarles arrives September 2015! This news is not a secret, but we haven’t announced on social media, so please keep any comments to text, email or comments on the blog for now. We’ll be making a formal announcement in the next few weeks after my next appointment, but as blog followers, you’re privy to top secret news.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.53.29 PMOur baby story – 2014 was a trying year for us, literally. We suffered 3 early losses in February, May & September. Our faith wavered and our hope dwindled but here we are. Christmas Day 2014, I reluctantly took a test and not to my surprise, it was positive. What’s surprising is that 16 weeks later, Baby Q is still hanging around.

Momentary detour – be careful when you ask people what they’re waiting for be it marriage, baby, career. You never know what a person may be going through or just how painful that wait can be.

So there you have it – our 2 biggest updates of 2014. As promised, I will update more often.

The Quarles absolutely get going!

I’m not sure whether I forgot about the blog or mentally blocked it out due to the lack of things to report. Either way, I’m making a vow to update at least once per month. It is written!

2012 = roller coaster.

The first half of the year was marked with plain ol good living and job changes.

The 2nd half was marked with what felt like never-ending chaos and job changes. On a highly positive note, many of our family and friends were blessed with jobs, engagements, and babies. Blessings, blessings, blessings!! We ended 2012 healthy and happy and the same goes for our nearest and dearest, so pardon my lack of detail, but that’s really all that matters and it’s time to move forward!

2013 has many exciting things on the horizon. “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” ~Oprah

In the spirit of the New Year, this wouldn’t be a New Year post without a few resolutions. So here we go:

My goals are to do what I need to do to get where I want to go. Plain and simple I’ve had a long running list of things I’d like to achieve, yet I sit back and do a whole lot of wanting and no working. Vince plans to be more aggressive, active, and channel his energy to be more of a go-getter.

On tap for the year:

  1. corrective shoulder surgery (major boooooooo)
  2. DiscoveringHair launch (FINALLY)
  3. lots of weddings (hooray)
  4. new job opportunities
  5. and……GRADUATION
  6. TBD (I’ll leave this one open in case life brings us any surprises)

While I have your attention, as much as I’m excited about what 2013 has in store for us, I’m very excited about the opportunities for friends and family. Please check out the shameless plug section below:

  • – I’m sure you’re familiar with this one, but please subscribe to receive email updates!
  • – my bud Shannon Bullock’s blog dedicated to helping you make healthy food decisions that could change your life. She has started a great series on soup (Becoming Souperwoman). Be sure to check it out!
  • Lissa Smith Photos – my fantasical friend.  An aspiring photographer in Fuquay Varina, NC, learning & loving the art of photography. The great thing about Lissa is that she’s not just snapping photos. She truly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to capture your moments!
  • Counseling – by the one and only Miss Maya Mitchell! Outside of the regular day-to-day tasks her job requires, Maya puts forth the extra effort to serve the community and host seminars to serve those with counseling needs.
  • Kasual Katering – a catering company owned by my brother and sister-in-law. They love to serve and enjoy catering to others, so why not make it a business? This has been a lifelong passion for them and this year it came to fruition! If you know someone in the Wilmington area in need of catering services, please give them a holler and definitely Like them on Facebook. Latrice’s wings are the sole reason I need a gym membership!
  • Agatha Brown – my mommy dearest! Also pursuing her lifelong passion to make reading fun and give kids a head start on reading. She now has 6 children’s books under her belt and is working on a sinful adult novel!
  • Isabel Vernard – fun and feminine fashions straight to you from my friend Tracie! She has a passion for fashion and outside of the items available on her site, she’s available for custom designs.
  • Rapper Big Pooh – Vincent’s brother from another mother who is continuing his music career and now working with a sports blog ranting about sports. After hearing him and Vince argue about sports for years, it’s good to see him turning that passion into something fruitful.
  • The Returned – Jason Mott, a hometown friend, now working on publishing a book and getting a series on ABC with Mr. Brad Pitt himself!! Here’s an article and his Twitter
  • Simply Charessa – my pal Charessa is a certified Event producer and Skilled Social Worker with experience in nonprofit and fundraising and social and corporate event management. A mover and a shaker and she simply does everything!!
  • ABC – I’m gonna hold this spot for your blog! 🙂
  • Prodigal Son Foundation – Vincent’s frat, Leroy. A nonprofit committed to strengthening communities and developing productive leaders for the future by empowering, educating and engaging students and families. Leroy has a passion like I’ve never seen for bettering his community and our youth.
  • NPDSmiles – my beautiful line sister Brandi. Providing the highest quality of dental care to the pediatric population of Concord, Charlotte, Davidson, Kannapolis and all surrounding communities. Brandi truly loves what she does and she LOVES giving the kiddies beautiful smiles.
  • Alvin Hall Photography – my giggling buddy Hilary’s hubby-to-be. Alvin puts the FUN in photography. Veen has an eye and edge that I haven’t seen in awhile and he’s very fun to shoot with! If I ever get the pounds off…that trash the dress session is GOING DOWN! Altanta, give this guy a call. Trust me.

*phew* If I forgot anyone, leave me a comment. Either I’m not aware of you don’t brag on yourself enough 😉

Best wishes to all and here’s to a great year!

I typed this post pre Father’s Day and never published, but tonight…I feel compelled.

They married somewhere around 1972  ish

They had my brother in ’76, spoiled him rotten (still do) and settled into married life.

Somewhere 5 years down the road, a mistake happened name Eva Danielle Brown (they have no issues telling me how much of a mistake I was :/ )

From what I was told, this dude was insanely overjoyed about my birth and from what I can remember, he adored me – his “tookie bug” (don’t ask me what animal this is), and from what I know, I was the definition of daddy’s girl. My dad wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me (insert R&B lyric here). He’s the reason I savor late night snacks, the reason I always drive far above the speed limit, the reason I love music and dance the night away, the reason I think Ginger Ale and Salt N Vinegar chips can cure all illnesses, the reason I keep a bottle of A1 Steak sauce at all times, the reason I live, love, laugh and the reason I know that you should live each day to the fullest.

One of his coined phrases was “give me my flowers today, ain’t nobody fooling with you tomorrow”. I didn’t feel like I gave him him flowers on Father’s Day; thus the reason for this post. Happy Father’s Day Groovy!

***small sidebars

*1 – I now have this awesome cat to call my Father-In-Law. Happy Father’s Day Papa Q!!!!

I could have been graced with an absentee Father-in-Law, but no….I got one that loves, values, and fully supports me.

*2 – This pic was taken the Memorial Day before my dad passed away

Two long years prior to Vince proposing (or probably even thinking about proposing), my dad asked him, “ya’ll gone get married” and Vince said yes. My dad replied in some modified version of ” hey man, marriage is tough. but you’re a good man. she’s a good girl. You treat her right. Ya’ll make it work.” That was the last conversation they had, but I knew with certainty that my dad approved and pretty much left me a blueprint of himself!

**3  – He left me these two goobers to keep me company

*4 – He’s ALWAYS with me

Happy Heavenly Father’s Day Dad!!

Grilling & Chilling

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Family, Flowers, Weekends

When I created this blog, I truly thought I would be updating more often because our lives are soooooooo busy and interesting. INCORRECT

Welp, this is what I’ve got. Warning: this post will mainly be for my entertainment …a literal brain dump.

      • Finished the semester with an A and a B+. No class until June 28th and I am loving every minute of it.
      • The never-ending shoulder: Vince injured his shoulder playing flag football and has been pretty much out of commission since. Thus, no home repairs have been completed 😦
      • Flowers: I’ve finally become the daughter my mom always wanted. I developed a green thumb and I’m pretty much obsessed

    • Vacation: AWESOME and relaxing Birthday getaway for Vince to Miami

    • Parental units: Ironically, we both scheduled parent days on the same day. Vince, Mr. Q, and Angie went to an Orioles game and me and madre headed to a Wine and Design clas

  • Workout: I bit the bullet and signed a gym contract. Kinda, sorta locked into this baby for 12 months, so hopefully a healthy, happy body will result out of this. I’m struggling to tackle the eating side of things, but hey it’s progress!
  • Finances: wowza! We have been beaten over the head from every angle financially. Tighter budgets are ahead
  • DiscoveringHair: put on hold. See above bullet 😦

That should about do it.

A Quarles Legend

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Family

This weekend we said Rest In Peace and See You Soon to a true Quarles legend…Inez Orrange Quarles (Big Ma).

I’m only a grandaughter-in-law, but in the time I got to know her, she truly felt like a grandmother. I never knew my grandmother Eva and I only had 13 years with grandma Donnie, but the brief time I had with Big Ma let me know what a grandmother truly feels like. The Quarles family was blessed with 95 years, I was blessed with 6 or so and I’m truly thankful for each moment. Some people greet you, say hello, it’s good to see you, but she meant it. Every story you told Big Ma, she was SO excited to hear and so proud. It will be hard to replace that grandmother void in our lives.

You know that “in-law” feeling you get, when you feel comfortable with everyone, but you still really kind of don’t? Big Ma was my sense of comfort. If I could find Big Ma in the room, all was well in the world. I could slide right up to Big Ma, we’d sit back and have some great conversation about flowers, Dancing with the Stars, or whatever Big Ma wanted to school me on for the day. I thoroughly enjoyed her stories about Vinnie growing up as a boy. She loved, loved, loved her grandchildren.

My fondest memory of Big Ma is at a Quarles family reunion. Vince and I were still dating and I was reluctant to get in the family photo. I told Big Ma that I didn’t want to ruin the pictures by having to be cut out later :). Big Ma didn’t like taking pictures, so in true grandma fashion, she took my hand and told me I could sit right back there with her. We sat, we talked, and we people watched until the picture business was over.

My second best memory of Big Ma is the time she met my mother. They sat in our apartment and talked for HOURS. My mom told me after meeting Big Ma that she could only pray to age as beautifully and wonderfully as Big Ma. Years later when she was eating bad, not working out, etc, she would say “I’m not gonna age like Big Ma eating this.” My mother met her only once and her life was changed. Cliche’ but true.

Poise, sophistication, wit, class.. this list could truly go on forever. Vince said it best, “she was not tall, she was not wide, but she was STRONG.”

I’ve been to MANY MANY funerals, but this Homegoing was one of the best. The pastor spoke on the topic of God giveth and God taketh away and that quite frankly we need to accept that this is reality. The key takeaway – be thankful for what’s in between.

I am truly grateful to have known such a sweet and loving grandmother.

Angie is texting me while I type – “this is the official passing of the baton. The sole Quarles woman of this lineage,” I proudly carry that title, but I reckon I need to have some babies!

Quarles Christmas!!

Posted: December 25, 2011 in DIY, Family, holidays

Merry Christmas Eve friends!!!

I used to LOVE Christmas – the kid that woke you up at the crack of dawn, the older kid that played Santa to all, and the even older kid that still believed there was a Santa. Then life started happening. That was several years ago.

Here I was. December 1, 2011 – the grinch. December 10, 2011 – a zombie. December 23, 2011, I went from the grinch to a Griswold. Dealing with the holidays is always a tough battle for me. So many memories of my dad and family. However, I decided this year to celebrate my father and on the 10th of each December, we plan to deck the halls and officially get into the Christmas spirit! I got my whole family onboard… so exciting!!

Welp…the man opened one of his gifts early – Sony PS3 headphones. He’s in another world, totally ignoring me and the reason for the season simultaneously. He’s happy and me and Koda are having a good ol time watching Ray, playing with wrapping paper, and blogging! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas home decor. Major shout-out to Pinterest this year for getting me into and through the holidays!

*we got our Charlie Brown tree from Lowe’s trying to be rebellious of “tree lots.” We learned a lesson.

Nope it’s not Thanksgiving; nor is it New Years, but this year I want to give thanks for my friends and my family. To each and every single one of you – thank you for being you!

“I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month”.  ~Harlan Miller

This post must start with a huge CONGRATS to Mr. & Mrs. Samuel & Angela Hughes!

*yell at Pam for this picture..she revealed on Facebook, not me*

Be sure to check out my new nephew grinning from ear to ear…ironically named Trey and the exact same age as my other Trey!

Quick shout-out to Mr Trey Brown!

Back to the Hughes – the blending of families, the venue, the view, the food, the Skins fight song, the welcome bags, the open bar and the VOWS..Beautiful.

*Skins fight song story: Angie the true Skins fan, just so happened to have her wedding on a BYE week. Did that stop us? NO. You got it! We sang the Skins fight song right there in the midst of the reception

You two are the best reminder that true love is worth waiting for!

I have hereby inherited the crown of last Quarles woman standing. YIKES..wait..whoa!
The Quarles women that came before me!

Big Ma & Aunt Pat. I pray I age this gracefully!

Obsessed with Aunt Pat rocking the natural grey, sassy cut! And uhh…Strong genes much?!

Beautiful Song from my Mother-In-Law

The beautiful bride and proud papa!

The First Dance! Check out Kamisha in the back. She did a GREAT job!!!

Double-Fisted..see why I love this guy?!

Surprise, Surprise after these drinks were delivered, the pics ended….I think – yea it was that kinda fun!

Confession 1: We have a new affirmation on the fridge. I can’t quite tell you what it is yet, but stay tuned!
Confession 2: I have NOTHING left to plan or host.
Depression: See Confession 2