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Grilling & Chilling

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Family, Flowers, Weekends

When I created this blog, I truly thought I would be updating more often because our lives are soooooooo busy and interesting. INCORRECT

Welp, this is what I’ve got. Warning: this post will mainly be for my entertainment …a literal brain dump.

      • Finished the semester with an A and a B+. No class until June 28th and I am loving every minute of it.
      • The never-ending shoulder: Vince injured his shoulder playing flag football and has been pretty much out of commission since. Thus, no home repairs have been completed 😦
      • Flowers: I’ve finally become the daughter my mom always wanted. I developed a green thumb and I’m pretty much obsessed

    • Vacation: AWESOME and relaxing Birthday getaway for Vince to Miami

    • Parental units: Ironically, we both scheduled parent days on the same day. Vince, Mr. Q, and Angie went to an Orioles game and me and madre headed to a Wine and Design clas

  • Workout: I bit the bullet and signed a gym contract. Kinda, sorta locked into this baby for 12 months, so hopefully a healthy, happy body will result out of this. I’m struggling to tackle the eating side of things, but hey it’s progress!
  • Finances: wowza! We have been beaten over the head from every angle financially. Tighter budgets are ahead
  • DiscoveringHair: put on hold. See above bullet 😦

That should about do it.


Hello Spring!!

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Flowers, Weekends

My First Flower Pot!

I am beyond shocked at how excited this makes me.