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Fair enough kid, I deserved that. I’m lying my pants off!

We moved July 29th.. and what a great move it was.

Furniture – check

Power – check

Water – check

Address change – check

Internet – NO

Cable/Satellite – Yes (as of yesterday)

We have food, water, and shelter, what’s the big deal, right? We are the Quarles…the most tv-watching and internet surfing couple on the block.  If you asked me could we survive this disconnect from the outside world, I would have quickly replied Hell Naw, but we have! Remember our What We’re Watching Post – it’s life! Needless, to say it’s been a much different experience that we could have ever imagined.

Pros – tons of quality time, we’ve been very productive, we managed to unpack the house really quickly, we’ve enjoyed lots of time on patio, and  had plenty of time to think and plan.

Cons – we miss Turtle, E, the Botwins, Wes, CT, and Stacey Dash so much!!!! (our tv friends)

Another major pro/con – Vince got a grill and has been practicing for my Birthday BBQ bash (I can’t wait for this)!  The con is that we are all gonna grow at a tremendous rate – good for Jeffrey (the bonsai), bad for the rest of us!

We have prioritized our top 5 upcoming projects:

  1. Jewelry Organizer – currently in a small, dark space under the cabinet getting disrespected!
  2. Closet Space Maximization – our closets are small and we have boxes of things that just won’t fit.. gotta make this work!
  3. Manroom Sports Collage – I want to add some flair to the manroom with a sports collage – any ideas send em my way!
  4. TV Wall Décor – currently one big blank wall with a tv and paint – drives me nuts!
  5. Shoe Organizer – also being disrespected.. still in the box!

Pics to come!!

Koda Khronicles

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Puppy

This is simply a test. I’m testing this blasted, ancient Blackberry to see if I can blog from London. Testing..testing..