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My First Aldi

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Recipes, Savings

In my quest to save money, I did a little digging into grocery savings tips and stumbled upon Aldi. I drive by it weekly, on my way to the grocery store, but I’ve never peeked inside. After reading up on it, I decided to see what the hype was all about! I was way too excited about this “challenge” btw.

Anyhoo, I went this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised! I will post my savings first, then get into the pros and cons of the store.

Overall, I spent $21.22. I went across the street to Food Lion to compare prices, because I had to know immediately if it was worth my while. If I had purchased the exact same items of the Food Lion Brand, I would’ve spent $5.54 more. I never really purchase the Food Lion brands, so in reality, I would’ve spent $7.94 more. I’ll take $8 in savings..anyday! It was effortless. In reality, the design of the store (which I’ll get into later) is a lot different from a regular chain, so I’m sure I would’ve left Food Lion/Kroger/Harris Teeter with a lot more in my cart and a lot more money spent!

Speaking of additional items, I swore I picked up a $2.99 bottle of wine. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized it rang up for $4.99 😦 . Potential for more savings there. Also, I let some little old lady convince me to buy some apples. We were chatting in checkout and she kept raving about how yummy they were and a great value. Thus, I have Granny Smith apples..Thanks random Granny in the store!


  1. I was in and out of the story in under 15 minutes – a record for me
  2. I saved money – duh
  3. The store has a small, quaint, and focused feel to it – no brands or flashing lights
  4. Everyone was interested in saving – I heard lots of convo on how much you save and the cashier made sure to say to everyone “you ONLY spent xyz” not “your total is”
  5. No extra steps: just make your list and go shop


  1. It’s not cell phone friendly. The store was pretty “quiet” and the people that were talking, were talking to each other.
  2. You have to bag your own groceries – they have a handy little counter for you to bag them though, so it’s not too bad
  3. They don’t provide bags – you can buy them for .06 (paper) and .10(plastic) or you can bring your own
  4. Assortment is pretty low
  5. No aisle signs, so you have no idea where things are. However, I again feel like this prevented me from buying unnecessary things
  6. They close really early (8pm)
  7. I’m sure I could save more $$ with more effort

Interesting Things:

  1. You have to pay a quarter to rent a shopping cart, but you get the quarter back as soon as you return it! A pretty cool “technology.”
  2. The shoppers were a diverse bunch
  3. NO decor..walls, shelves, nada

I definitely plan to take a repeat trip back to Aldi. I will have to still shop at a chain for certain meats, tissues, etc..somethings I can’t bear to lose yet. However, I’m hoping I can coupon some of the household goods and save that way.

I admit I was a little bit concerned about the quality of the food. I’m a worrywart and V is a brand whore. In addition,I decided to try out a new recipe. The food was great! However, I probably will never make it again. It was a little heavy  and I felt piggish after eating.

Here’s the recipe, if you’re interested – Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas