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This post must start with a huge CONGRATS to Mr. & Mrs. Samuel & Angela Hughes!

*yell at Pam for this picture..she revealed on Facebook, not me*

Be sure to check out my new nephew grinning from ear to ear…ironically named Trey and the exact same age as my other Trey!

Quick shout-out to Mr Trey Brown!

Back to the Hughes – the blending of families, the venue, the view, the food, the Skins fight song, the welcome bags, the open bar and the VOWS..Beautiful.

*Skins fight song story: Angie the true Skins fan, just so happened to have her wedding on a BYE week. Did that stop us? NO. You got it! We sang the Skins fight song right there in the midst of the reception

You two are the best reminder that true love is worth waiting for!

I have hereby inherited the crown of last Quarles woman standing. YIKES..wait..whoa!
The Quarles women that came before me!

Big Ma & Aunt Pat. I pray I age this gracefully!

Obsessed with Aunt Pat rocking the natural grey, sassy cut! And uhh…Strong genes much?!

Beautiful Song from my Mother-In-Law

The beautiful bride and proud papa!

The First Dance! Check out Kamisha in the back. She did a GREAT job!!!

Double-Fisted..see why I love this guy?!

Surprise, Surprise after these drinks were delivered, the pics ended….I think – yea it was that kinda fun!

Confession 1: We have a new affirmation on the fridge. I can’t quite tell you what it is yet, but stay tuned!
Confession 2: I have NOTHING left to plan or host.
Depression: See Confession 2


This weekend we attended the long awaited and much anticipated wedding of my brother, Legarris, and his beautiful wife, Latrice, in Atlanta (pictures soon to come).

I’m not really sure where this post is going or why God put it on my heart to post it. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder to me the next time I feel the need to complain. I promise this blog won’t turn into a woe is me wall!

As most of you know, my family has suffered what I’d say a record-breaking amount of tragic deaths. In times of family gatherings or celebrations, it’s very easy to get carried away in sad thoughts about who’s missing and “oh if they could see us now..” I think it hit me most as the family’s lined up to enter the church and the coordinator asked for the parents of the bride and groom.  As I watched my husband line up beside my mother to walk her down the aisle, I realized we didn’t have a father, I realized she had no husband, my nephew no grandfather, the list goes on, but needless to say.. I lost it! As I walked down the aisle, it probably appeared that I was overcome with joy, but in that one moment I was overcome with grief. Pure ol why me, life sucks, where’s my blanky…grief! I looked up to the heavens as if I could catch just one glimpse of him.. nothing there of course, so I lowered my head to face the crowd feeling like a bozo. In that moment, I caught my brother’s eye as he mouthed “STOP IT.” I saw my nephew grinning ear to ear – there they were Warren Brown II & III – right before my eyes.  I looked from side to side and I saw my family – faces from near and far gathered together to share in this day with us and I realized I’d better hold my chin up and be grateful for what I have.

As I think back over the weekend, I was able to call my linesister, Carol, at the drop of a dime and ask her to keep Koda for us. I had my best friend, Pam, with me tackling makeup and hair totally free of charge, my other sorority sister, Hilary, had her wonderful boyfriend photographer there snapping pictures for us, and at some point later in the night Vince was behind the bar pouring drinks! It was truly a family affair. We had a great 12 hour road trip with my mom, created unforgettable memories, and made life long friends and connections with our new extended family.

I’m not wealthy, nor do I have fortune or fame, but my cup overflows with family and friends and you can’t cash those in.

As for the Quarles, we literally served as chauffeur, punch pourer, bartender, cake cutter, reception coordinator, bridesmaid, ice getter, dancing machines, setup, and cleanup crew and believe it or not.. it was wonderful! I’d do it again at the drop of a dime to put a smile on my brother’s face. I’m rambling now and I’m also tearing up a bit, so I digress.

I’m not a teacher nor philosopher, but it brings my heart joy to help others and I guess the overall message here is to be happy and be’s as simple as that. Should you ever find yourself having a pity party, just look around and ask yourself what you can be grateful for.

If you happen to see food, water, shelter, family, and/or friends….get up off your butt, wipe your years, and say


verb \əb-ˈses, äb-\

Definition of OBSESS

transitive verb
: to haunt or excessively preoccupy the mind of <was obsessed with the idea>
intransitive verb
: to engage in obsessive thinking : become obsessed with an idea
What’s my confession? I have an obsession. To what? Practically everything! Once my mind goes in a direction, I become “excessively preoccupied” and I’m perfectly ok with that!

Thanks to my lovely coworker and friend, Jaclyn, I found an obsessor’s dream –

Pinterest has boards and boards and oodles and oodles of pictures and inspiration for ANYTHING you can imagine!

Man Cave Inspiration

Man Cave Inspiration

Entry Way Inspiration

Entry Way Inspiration

Reception Inspiration

Reception Inspiration

and my personal fav…

Hair Gallery

Hair Gallery

Don’t take my word for it.. check it out for yourself. You can thank me later!

It’s Friday night and I’m:

  • at girls night – NO
  • at the club – NO
  • blogging & subscribing to newlywed blogs – YES

As we embark on our documented marital journey, I’m excited to follow and share with these couples.
We have some FUN things of our own on the horizon……………..

Hang on for a wild ride!!!


Where it ALL began?

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Weddings

You very well can’t have a Quarles Quarterly without the Quarles!

Our wedding pictures from Nov. 6, 2010 – the best day ever!

Wedding Pics and MUSIC!

Our Punta Cana honeymoon pictures!

Our wedding day was made a lot more special with the arrival of this little guy. Happy Birthday Mason!

Stay Tuned!

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Weddings