I just can’t get enough…

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Weekends

of Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ!!

My favorite posts are lookback posts and lawd does time fly. Here’s the BBQ post from last year.

This year we I enjoyed the BBQ Fest with our friends The Cooks. Vince had a ticket, but he decided to ditch us at the last minute for VIP access to Redskins training camp. BBQ Fest comes every year, RGIII…not so much. He got a pass this time.

He had this fair share of pork however hanging with the Hogettes. When I post the updated house pics (next week), you may understand this obsession more.


The fest was a lot of fun, but in my opinion completely over saturated with vendors. They were even selling lanyards this year for $7.00 (major BOO). I recognize that marketing, advertising, and sponsorships are necessary, but the replacement of bourbon vendors with weight loss and hardwood floor booths is a major womp. Who in their right mind wants to even hear the word diet on this day?! Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ, if you’re listening…go back to the basics. If you can’t remember those, please reference the title.

Regardless,we braved the 93 degree heat, Ally hopped right along with her repairing ankle and we had a great time! Archie, our photographer, was not pictured. It’s great to have them back in the States and another of our favorite couples is on the way!!

My goal for next year is to rally together a HUGE group and make this an annual event. So get ready!!!!!




I typed this post pre Father’s Day and never published, but tonight…I feel compelled.

They married somewhere around 1972  ish

They had my brother in ’76, spoiled him rotten (still do) and settled into married life.

Somewhere 5 years down the road, a mistake happened name Eva Danielle Brown (they have no issues telling me how much of a mistake I was :/ )

From what I was told, this dude was insanely overjoyed about my birth and from what I can remember, he adored me – his “tookie bug” (don’t ask me what animal this is), and from what I know, I was the definition of daddy’s girl. My dad wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me (insert R&B lyric here). He’s the reason I savor late night snacks, the reason I always drive far above the speed limit, the reason I love music and dance the night away, the reason I think Ginger Ale and Salt N Vinegar chips can cure all illnesses, the reason I keep a bottle of A1 Steak sauce at all times, the reason I live, love, laugh and the reason I know that you should live each day to the fullest.

One of his coined phrases was “give me my flowers today, ain’t nobody fooling with you tomorrow”. I didn’t feel like I gave him him flowers on Father’s Day; thus the reason for this post. Happy Father’s Day Groovy!

***small sidebars

*1 – I now have this awesome cat to call my Father-In-Law. Happy Father’s Day Papa Q!!!!

I could have been graced with an absentee Father-in-Law, but no….I got one that loves, values, and fully supports me.

*2 – This pic was taken the Memorial Day before my dad passed away

Two long years prior to Vince proposing (or probably even thinking about proposing), my dad asked him, “ya’ll gone get married” and Vince said yes. My dad replied in some modified version of ” hey man, marriage is tough. but you’re a good man. she’s a good girl. You treat her right. Ya’ll make it work.” That was the last conversation they had, but I knew with certainty that my dad approved and pretty much left me a blueprint of himself!

**3  – He left me these two goobers to keep me company

*4 – He’s ALWAYS with me

Happy Heavenly Father’s Day Dad!!

Courtesy of the purpose fairy & one of my great twitter followers!

Posting snippets and my favorite takeaways, but you can read the rest here

  1. GET YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE: Stop chasing the wrong things and get your life in order, get your life on purpose.
  2. STOP WASTING TIME: You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
  3. STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD: Know that the more time you spend complaining the more time it will take you to find a solution and get out of the mud.
  4. TAKE ADVANTAGE – EACH DAY OFFERS A NEW BEGINNING: Don’t let a bad day make you feel like you had a bad life.
  5. STOP MAKING EXCUSES: There are so many people out there who managed to go past their disabilities and inspire lives
  6. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS: No matter what you do, no matter who you are and where you are, always remember that you have your own unique path to walk on
  7. STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF: We say we want something and the moment we feel it’s coming our way because we get scared, we start sabotaging ourselves
  8. STOP THE WHAT IF: you will never know until you try but chances are that nothing terrifying will happen to you and if you ask me, there is nothing more terrifying than wasting your life, there is nothing more frightening that getting to the end of your life and realize that you wasted your life, the only life that was offered to you.
  9. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE:  Don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and what’s most important, don’t be afraid to learn from these mistakes.
  10. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS: Nobody was born having the answer to everything.
  11. EMPLOY YOUR TIME IN IMPROVING YOURSELF BY OTHER MEN’S WRITINGS: With the Internet and the many resources we have at hand nowadays is quite easy to learn everything we want to learn and even more.
  12. FIND A MENTOR: Find somebody who will help you become the person you aspire to be whether this person is alive or not, whether it’s somebody you know personally or not as this would have a huge impact in your life and your journey.
  13. DON”T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF: Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

The Job Post!

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Update Ahead: For the past 11 months, I’ve been pretty miserable at work. I love the company itself and value the friendships I’ve made there, but I could only feel undervalued and overworked for so long. Ever sit at your desk and think “maaaaan any idiot could do this”? or, “if they had any idea how basic this was, I probably wouldn’t have a job”? Yea, that was me. Floating by. The job wasn’t completely easy, but  it certainly was blah and redundant.

Grad school has sparked all kind of emotions causing me to realize that I was wasting my time and brain. Last semester in my Managing the Growth Venture class, we partnered with a local start-up and advised them on strategy and growth plans. Nerd alert – I had the time of my life!

I found myself jotting down notes and speaking to my manager about improvements we needed to make and loopholes I found. I might as well have been talking to a brick wall – literally. In those brief moments, my motivational fire was lit and extinguished.

Last Tuesday, fed up and ranting to Shannon, I randomly googled Social Media jobs to see what was available. I’m an internet addict with a fetish for technology, so this was a space I wanted to be a part of. I stumbled upon a marketing startup in Chapel Hill and submitted my application.

A few things I fell in love with:

Check and check!

Application sent. I received an email back with an employee questionnaire. Serious eye roll and complained to Shannon about how LAME this questionairre was. That was lazy me talking. Motivated me said, go after what you want.

My favorite question from the questionnaire:

Q: Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?

A. Ellen Pompeo, but only as Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. She has just enough spunk and overly dramatized scenes to characterize my life.

It seemed like a fun question and I wanted to get noticed! Who tells an interviewer they are overly dramatic? My answers said, this is the me you’re gonna get!

Fast forward two days..they called me in for an interview, we chatted for about 2 hours and Megan handed me a job offer on site!!! We even hugged at the end of the interview lol. I gave her an informal yes out of pure excitement and went home to think things through. Was I REALLY about to make this move? I’m leaving stable, flexible, comfy Job A for start-up, unfamiliar, small and chaotic Job B. After weighing out the commute, flexibility, and bugging Angie & Shannon about salary , the true deciding factor was realizing that in 2 hours Job B was able to see my potential and demand that I have an offer before I walk out the door and Job A hasn’t seen in it 5 years. uuuhhh….DEUCES

I’m of course nervous about what to wear, will they like me, being the new girl, being an old chick (some of the other chicks are still in undergrad!), will the company remain in business, etc etc but I’m also very excited about the possibilities! The CEO actually said before I left “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship relationship” ~Casablanca (cheesy right?)

Grilling & Chilling

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When I created this blog, I truly thought I would be updating more often because our lives are soooooooo busy and interesting. INCORRECT

Welp, this is what I’ve got. Warning: this post will mainly be for my entertainment …a literal brain dump.

      • Finished the semester with an A and a B+. No class until June 28th and I am loving every minute of it.
      • The never-ending shoulder: Vince injured his shoulder playing flag football and has been pretty much out of commission since. Thus, no home repairs have been completed 😦
      • Flowers: I’ve finally become the daughter my mom always wanted. I developed a green thumb and I’m pretty much obsessed

    • Vacation: AWESOME and relaxing Birthday getaway for Vince to Miami

    • Parental units: Ironically, we both scheduled parent days on the same day. Vince, Mr. Q, and Angie went to an Orioles game and me and madre headed to a Wine and Design clas

  • Workout: I bit the bullet and signed a gym contract. Kinda, sorta locked into this baby for 12 months, so hopefully a healthy, happy body will result out of this. I’m struggling to tackle the eating side of things, but hey it’s progress!
  • Finances: wowza! We have been beaten over the head from every angle financially. Tighter budgets are ahead
  • DiscoveringHair: put on hold. See above bullet 😦

That should about do it.

Hello Spring!!

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My First Flower Pot!

I am beyond shocked at how excited this makes me.

A Quarles Legend

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Family

This weekend we said Rest In Peace and See You Soon to a true Quarles legend…Inez Orrange Quarles (Big Ma).

I’m only a grandaughter-in-law, but in the time I got to know her, she truly felt like a grandmother. I never knew my grandmother Eva and I only had 13 years with grandma Donnie, but the brief time I had with Big Ma let me know what a grandmother truly feels like. The Quarles family was blessed with 95 years, I was blessed with 6 or so and I’m truly thankful for each moment. Some people greet you, say hello, it’s good to see you, but she meant it. Every story you told Big Ma, she was SO excited to hear and so proud. It will be hard to replace that grandmother void in our lives.

You know that “in-law” feeling you get, when you feel comfortable with everyone, but you still really kind of don’t? Big Ma was my sense of comfort. If I could find Big Ma in the room, all was well in the world. I could slide right up to Big Ma, we’d sit back and have some great conversation about flowers, Dancing with the Stars, or whatever Big Ma wanted to school me on for the day. I thoroughly enjoyed her stories about Vinnie growing up as a boy. She loved, loved, loved her grandchildren.

My fondest memory of Big Ma is at a Quarles family reunion. Vince and I were still dating and I was reluctant to get in the family photo. I told Big Ma that I didn’t want to ruin the pictures by having to be cut out later :). Big Ma didn’t like taking pictures, so in true grandma fashion, she took my hand and told me I could sit right back there with her. We sat, we talked, and we people watched until the picture business was over.

My second best memory of Big Ma is the time she met my mother. They sat in our apartment and talked for HOURS. My mom told me after meeting Big Ma that she could only pray to age as beautifully and wonderfully as Big Ma. Years later when she was eating bad, not working out, etc, she would say “I’m not gonna age like Big Ma eating this.” My mother met her only once and her life was changed. Cliche’ but true.

Poise, sophistication, wit, class.. this list could truly go on forever. Vince said it best, “she was not tall, she was not wide, but she was STRONG.”

I’ve been to MANY MANY funerals, but this Homegoing was one of the best. The pastor spoke on the topic of God giveth and God taketh away and that quite frankly we need to accept that this is reality. The key takeaway – be thankful for what’s in between.

I am truly grateful to have known such a sweet and loving grandmother.

Angie is texting me while I type – “this is the official passing of the baton. The sole Quarles woman of this lineage,” I proudly carry that title, but I reckon I need to have some babies!